We offer 4 levels of advice and support


Upon first contact we will ask that you complete a 'care needs questionnaire' . We will then provide you with a free 'first stage' indication regarding possible eligibility for CHC funding. We can advise you on whether there has been compliance with the CHC assessment process and advise on the potential for obtaining CHC funding. Unlike many other advocate companies we will never take on a case if it doesn't have some merit.  


We can offer a more comprehensive document case review of ; MDT/ nursing/Social Care assessments and other care records. We will then advise on compliance with CHC process and legislation and potential for CHC funding. This is based on our usual hourly rate. You can then decide if you want to proceed to a level 3 advocacy service or proceed independently. 


If you wish to then contract with Care Review Services to act as your advocate we can represent your interests through the CHC assessment process and in doing so ensure compliance with the National Framework guidance, legislation and case law. Specifically identfying and evidencing if needs are beyond being a social care need.  Or, if you have been refused CHC funding we can review if the process was correctly applied and if necessary represent your case through the dispute and appeal process.


If you succeed in obtaining CHC funding there is a requirement for there to be regular reviews of CHC eligibility. This will be three months in the first instance and annually thereafter or if needs change. We can offer advocate support with regards to formal reviews.