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I launched Care Review Services in November 2014. Prior to this I worked in adult social care for over 20 years, and over the last four years of this period I managed a complex care team, frequently took part in MDT assessments and sat on CHC panels. I possess a wealth of practical knowledge and skills in assessing and identifying clients’ care needs. More importantly, I have a specific skill set that enables me to assess and present the evidence when needs go beyond social care and should be CHC-funded. I have a thorough understanding of the CHC process and legislation. In 2011 I instigated high level quality training on CHC in my Local Authority. This resulted in an increase of 22% of residents in my local Health Trust obtaining CHC and moved approximately £12 million of funding from the Authority budget to the CHC budget.

The introduction of the new Care Act in 2014 presents major challenges to Social Services, solicitors and financial advisors. It is imperative that Social Care assessments are of a high quality and correctly identify a client’s care needs. Failure to do this will impact on the calculation of the individual’s care costs towards the financial cap.

Since I set up Care Review Services in September 2014, 24 clients have commissioned my help in their efforts to obtain CHC funding. I have been successful in obtaining CHC funding for 19 of my clients, with 4 cases ongoing. I am hopeful that we will obtain CHC funding for each of them as well. 

Mr Bernie Crean Managing Director
Care Review Services Ltd. ​